Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quotation of the week..

in homage to my newly bestowed maturity - I have finally found a new quotation that ranks alongside that of the great philosopher Garfield Esquire...

'A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices.'

William James

It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

not that I want to! I'd prefer to laugh instead, as I did in abundance tonight! Check it out! What a wonderful day!!!

It started with breakfast with my family and then progressed to afternoon tea and a clairvoyant reading with friends at cafe at Woolloongabba. Back home to light the fire and start the wine and cheese tasting! A game or two of Taboo and a DVD of POTP later and we were set! I'll let you see if you can guess what POTP stands for..hint, look closely at one of the pictures!

Thank you my friends, I had SUCH A WONDERFUL DAY!!! I was thinking this was one of the best birthdays I've had, companionship (old as that sounds) RULES!!! YOU GUYS RULE!!!!! (yes any hint that I'm now 28 evaporates as quickly as the alcohol in Candice's glass ;-) ).

Breakfast at Kiss at Cooparoo with parents and godparent

Arvo tea with friends at Caro Mio Cafe at Woolloongabba - has gone down in my opinion but good to see what it was like.

Great night in with friends around the fire and a few marshmallows for company too...

Fire-stoker Sal to the rescue...

And nothing is taboo....

Opening presents! Such fun and when you draw it out, all the better! Loved my fetching apron and the other goodies! Check out the necklace Adele made me!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


F is for freedom. The joys of the public service with an RDO today.

R is for rugs and rrrrozen feet. As winter approaches the crevices between our old queenslander floorboards become all too apparent!

I is for Ikea. A late night trip to obtain aforementioned missing screw. And then, some placemats, a laundry basket....I should be for Idiotic Expenditure at ingeniously marketed franchise.

D is for domestic and I don't mean goddess, but, goodness does it never end!

A is for aaaaaah at the sight of my new haircut in the morning. In hairdresser speak a 'messy layered look' in disgruntled customer speak, an ugly boys haircut!

Y is for YEAH! Only one more sleep till my birthday and the delights of time with family and friends!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh the joy of...

1) A weekend to myself! Now that doesn't mean I don't adore my husband, but a bed to myself, time to work on my own projects and potter around the house unkempt with no-set plans was devine!

2) Late night DIY - noooo that doesn't relate to 1) but instead to an IKEA table I had put off assembling. I was very impressed with myself for being able to follow the instructions and having an item that actually resembled a table. Until, I was about to build the finishing touch, the draw for said table, and I found they had left out a screw! AAAAGGGHH. No doubt it will be another 4 weeks now until I look at the thing again! However the sense of accomplishment, however fleeting, was good.

3) Setting the place ablaze - with heat from our Pot Belly Stove! Soo nice to have a crackling fire, although quite scary for someone who is used to an insulated stove! Ever since our 'housewarming bonfire' I am a little paranoid about the fact that our house is all wood and all too combustible! Hence, when the fire got going and the stove was very hot to the touch.. and I could smell burning..I did have a little panic attack. Thankfully, it was just the fact that the armchair was too close to the stove and the stuffing was getting warm...hmm only that little matter!

4) Friendship - the comfort and comraderie of close friends who know you well and with whom you can relax. Realising how lucky I am to still be in touch with people from school days despite our diverging lives. And, the delight at the friendships which have developed through many different avenues - to those whose friendship have touched my life in many unique and wonderful ways I thank you!

5) Cool weather! Nothing like a crackling fire, a cup of cocoa, a warm doona and a returned hubby to snuggle up to.

xx nighty night off to grab some of that sweet chocolate goodness and try out the fire extinguisher ;-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Did I mention....

..that for one-night-only Ms Frequent Flyer 2008 aka: Sally Colquhoun was in Brisbane on Friday?

Well just for the record it was great to see Sal back in her 'home' town, even if only for a limited time (she flew off to Noumea the next day). A few of us: Candice, Brian and I caught up with her for drinks at the Bowery Bar (yes, second time in a week!) to show her the impressive cocktail menu - and the delights of our company which I'm sure she was desperately missing!

Cheers to Sal!

ABC, doe ray me..

Howdy! I am having a nice weekend to myself as my hard-working half is off on a buck's weekend. Now there has been no contact, as are the strict conditions of a buck's weekend, so I have no idea what activities they may be engaging in....
I on the other hand have been engaging in the exciting, but much needed endeavour, of house cleaning. However, I"ve put down the gloves for a moment to reflect on something I saw on a friend's blog. Well, when I say reflect, I mean steal and use for my blog. Looked like a good idea for a Sunday morning (as would Church if I was good) so here goes....

ABC's Of Me

Accent: Australian as it comes...until you talk to someone in the UK and they don't believe you're not british!
Book that I like: As poor Murray, who started a book club recently to which I am invited would bemoan, I don't read much/at all anymore! It's truly terrible! However when I was in Bamaga I did read the Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (I didn't make that up she is Nigerian). I also love The Alchemist by Paulo Choelo and a few of his other books too. For a good laugh Nick Earls novels or the hilarious Bill Bryson (esp. A Walk in the Woods).
Chore I don’t care for: Washing up/folding clothes/ironing...hmm I'm not a natural domestic godess.
Dog or Cat: I hunt both kinds (Brilliant Answer from Stuart) but i would go Cat. No surprises there. I love a good border collie though - but we are NOT getting a dog anytime soon due to very small back yard. Despite my friends and refugee family thinking a dog would be they (refugee family) think us having a child would be fun, so they could babysit all the time (which hey, I'm not going to say no to should it ever happen!).
Essential Electronics: ooh toss up between computer and PCR thermocycler...
Favorite food: Whoa where do I start or stop! EVERYTHING including, in moderation ofcourse; chocolate and desserts of all varieties.
Gold or Silver: Both - why limit your options (eh Andrew).
Handbag I carry most often: One my friend Niti persuaded me to buy..the trouble of shopping with good friends! It is a tanish coloured big bag that I can lose just about everything in..ah that's where the camera tripod went.
Insomnia: Zzzzzzz
Job Title: Who am I: I enjoy squashing poor unsuspecting organisms between glass, I am the Kay Scarpetta of the plant world - loving nothing better than a good dead body and a good post mortem examination, I try and identify nasty organisms that try and sneak into our country and aprehend them, I am the poor cousin to Entomologist's........I am a Plant Pathologist for Quarantine!
Living Arrangements: Usually I share a house, that will in 35yrs be ours, with a male, sometimes a crazy cyborg from outer space, and a few other insects that won't take surface spray for an answer.
Most Admirable Trait: I have no-one to ask for this one atm, so personally I like the fact that I"m loyal and have a joie de vivre!
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: I stole some 5c pieces out of my parents spare change collection and with a friend up the road we road down to the local shops and bought....fruit..ok, lollies. On the way back though, who should be coming down the street but my parents! So, that heady adventure was cut short and I couldn't even enjoy the profits of my crime - hence my sweet-seeking behaviour ever since.
Overnight hospital stays: When I was 6 to get my tonsils out.
Phobias: None that I'd admit to my readers who, like Sal, would make use of this information for evil purposes (muh ha ha ha haaa). That or I've been burnt by my father who took advantage of the fact that I didn't like cockroaches and chased me round the house with the things! See, the evil of Entomologists!
Quote: "Life's uncertain, Eat Dessert First" - my ever enduring Garfield quote. However, now that I"m nearly 28 I should move on...but there's nothing that springs to mind yet.
Religion: Christian - lapsing by the Sunday!
Siblings: Nope and if my friend, Sal is anything to go by then that would explain everything!
Time I wake up: Weekdays 6amish. Weekends - 6amish (doh)!
Unusual Talent or Skill: I have an unnerving (to Andrew) talent for guessing surprises and endings to mysteries - which comes from living in my own world abit and daydreaming lots of possible situations. I can blow and pop bubbles in my sleep - poor Claire and Andrew can fill you in on that.
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Squash and brussel sprouts are not my dining buddies of choice.
Worst Habit: Picking scabs, pimples, dry skin on my lips - I can't stand them so they have to go. Leaving lots of red, raw infected areas instead = makes complete sense to me!
X-rays: Teeth..boring.
Yummy Stuff: Give me anything sweet...
Zoo Animal I Like Most: I'm not a fan of zoo's with those poor animals kept in such tiny confines..however I do like the free range zoo's abit more, so I'd go for a wombat or a hippopotamus. I obviously have something going for big stomached beasts! No relation to my life that I can equate.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A do run run run, a do mother's day fun run..

We woke up in the morning at a half past six,
cause Andrew about-do a fun run run, a do fun run.

He was in quite good company with the premier and lord mayor,
all doing a fun run run, a doing a fun run.

His wife, parents and mother-in-law all cheered from the sidelines,
as he did run run run, all 8k's he run run.

At 8.37am as the crowd (of four) went wild,
he finished the fun run run, 36mins he run run!

May is THE Month..

THE month for Birthday's! And a joy filled month indeed.
Those born in this esteemed Month (of which I know anyway) include:

May 4th - Saminda Fern (aka: Min)
May 8th - Candice Grimes
May 10th - Carlene Scott
Not to forget Mother's Day on the 11th!
May 12th - my Dad
May 15th - Alison Jones
May 24th - ME
May 26th - John Harvey (my deceased friend)

Hip Hip Hooray!!

So tonight my family, godmother and family friend went to dinner to celebrate my Dad's coming of age - that being stone age! We had a wonderful time at Mu'Ooze, an eritrean restaurant located in Moorooka. It was chosen because my Dad has a fascination for other cultures and loves experiencing anything different (no I don't know where my genes come from at all!). The meal was fantastic with share platters of curries on a bread which resembled a crepe in texture, and a delectable panna cotta for dessert. Yes, strange to think but this African country was actually occupied by Italians at one stage - hence the lasagna and panna cotta on the menu!

The atmosphere in the restaurant was terrific, with a highlight being the roasting of coffee beans in a traditional manner on a stage in the restaurant. You've never seen a 63yr old man so excited! The little child that came to watch with his mother was pushed aside as Dad moved in to examine and quiz the poor woman on ever possible aspect of the proceedings. If you know my father, then you know this is not unusual. He is a man that loves knowing the intricate details concerning anything and everything and is therefore a great man to have on your Trivia Quiz team as he knows SO MUCH! One of these days I really must listen more to what he actually says.

Needless to say his next project involves making a roasting pan (yes, why buy when you can make and use those metal working Tafe class lessons at last) and coffee beans freshly picked from his own trees. The secret is seems, as I'm sure you'll want to know, is in the high heat and quick turning of the beans as they roast. Dad apparently was leaving them for too long on a low heat and wasn't regularly turning (imagine as you say that a pointed finger being wagged at me with a gleam in the disclosee's eye and you'll have Dad).

I was also so impressed by the fact that the restaurant is run and staffed by african women, many of whom are mothers. This is an outlet for them to gain experience in hospitality and therefore future skills for other careers beyond the home.

Anyway, I recommend Mu'Ooze to you all! The staff were very warm and welcoming and the coffee DIVINE!!! I wish them all the best - if tonight was anything to go by, the full tables say it all!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Long Weekend Part I: A good scrub up

Ah the long weekend draws to a fast close. It has been fun, frantic and friend filled. All of which are good...gooood as Andrew would say.

On Saturday I indulged my poor moisture-deprived skin in an hour and a half of self-indulgence care of a soon-to-expire 07 birthday voucher. Half-way into the pampering session, the beautician enquired about my beauty regime. Well, first of all I like a good splash of water, (rationing in mind always), followed by a scrub with my hands and a generous refresh with ....water. Obviously, no expense spared when it comes to my skin - I even throw in a good dollop of the finest home-brand soap money can buy, if I'm feeling particularly regime-minded. Needless to say, I should have seen that curve ball coming and neatly caught it instead of rushing in for a strike. Do I learn? No!

So with that gem of information gleaned, the beautician fell silent and proceeded to explore the ravaged surface of my enduring epidermis under bright UV. This providing what illumination of my facial terrain I do not know, but satisfied, she fell upon the cleanser. Apparently, from her exclamations, my poor stressed skin soaked up everything she could slap on from cleanser to exfoliant to putty filler. My "Indulgence Package" also included a surprising service - bursting blackheads. Now that was not written up in the advertising material!

Cleansed, exfoliated, depolluted and moisturised I emerged from the session nicely refreshed and relaxed. The new transformed me must surely have been transfixed by the plumpness of my collagen-toned skin, to have then fallen for the tried-and-true sales pitch at the door. Expecting this attempt to extract money after mention of a non-existent beauty regime I nevertheless succumbed! Do I ever learn? No! No! No more products!

This being said, I felt like Venus for the next half an hour with a spring in my step and a new sexiness in my stance. I was sure every eye in the Myer centre must have seen the transformation. That, or they spotted the remanants of eyelash tint under my eye that no amount of scrubbing could remove - I believe otherwise ofcourse, and it was instead a victory for feminity that simpering Saturday.

- cleanser used three days in row and counting....

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mental spew...

and a big thanks to Anna Banana for that imagery!

So good to be back in Brisbane yet so good to see Melbourne again. Give me a home which is historic, a city gastronomic, a gallery or two, a pastry or three, a tram to travel round, and an old bric-a-brac market.
I heart Melbourne!

Andrew and I spent the long weekend and Monday (which was Andrew's birthday - and he's not letting anyone forget it) wending our way down the delightful streets of Melbourne - enjoying the sights, and sampling delights in every second store. Our accomodation had the most amazing views over the city and was within walking distance of the city centre, so it couldn't have been better. The weather, while fantastical chilly, was not too unkind and we spent a glorious day in St Kilda on what was predicted to be an overcast day with hail! We also managed to squeeze in trips to the gallery (I love Melb gallery), a night out with friends, a long trawl through Queen Victoria Markets, a visit to Max Brenner's chocolate cafe and a stroll along Brunswick St in Fitzroy.

Top Picks:

1) Absolutely amazing bar (got to know a local to find it, no signage) which was like a 1920/30's jazz club complete with art deco furniture, amazing views of city and sublime (but expensive) cocktails! = 10/10 . THANK YOU KERRYN!

2) "Top Bread" - shop selling pastries of every variety sweet and savoury for around $2. What a choice for breakfast! = 9/10

3) Melbourne Art Gallery - while I'm sure there are many galleries in Melbourne I always love seeing the variety of things on display here aswell as the permanent collection items. The shop sells great cards too = 8/10

4) Queen Victoria Markets - FOOD SECTION. The clothes and other things are nice but the food section on Sat/Sun is quite a feast for the tastebuds. Even better would be to do a foodies tour but alas they are very popular and book up fast! = 8/10

5) The parks - so many and the foliage in autumn is so reminiscent of the northern hemisphere proper 'fall'. Infact Melbourne reminds me very much of the UK and it is nice to be able to wander through large parks and see many families and school kids taking delight in the natural surrounds = 8/10

So here it is in a pictorial nutshell - Our time in Melbourne:

Federation Square - really innovatively designed open area for people to bring deck chairs and watch open air big screen movies etc.

Ah sweet chocolate -Max Brenner cafe:

Queen Victoria Markets: Food Hall

Queen Victoria Markets: Doughnuts made fresh before your eyes - aaargh, drool

St Kilda: Street Markets (bought some 'essentials' - scarf and some ceramics)

St Kilda Pier:

Birthday dinner with Andrew's friends: Mike and Kerryn

The absolutely awesome (and I don't use that word lightly) bar that Kerryn showed us: cocktail heaven!

Melbourne by night - as beautiful as by day (gush gush):

The view from our hotel room: