Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas...

Yes, with only one sleep to go, I can truly say it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas!

At last, Christmas joy has awoken in me and stretched its bent wings..

I'm feeling abit more Christmas jubilation today. The reason - good hard labour!
Labour of love that is. Just as I was decrying my lack of creative inspiration this christmas...lo and behold, I made some cards!

Alas, too late to actually send them to you my friends! My apologies...and now just to rub it in, here's what they looked like! (Ok, so I'm a little proud of my first proper attempt with stamping)

Plus, I'm making chilled carrot soup for Christmas day (taste better than it sounds!) and have experimented with some ginger, citrus and green-tea (ie. I had left over ginger and added to a teabag of citrus green-tea - oh I'm such the culinary genius!).

So now I'm feeling like I've contributed more to Christmas, than propping up the languishing economy!....and talking about languishing, here's a little word from the silent blog partner

Joyeux Noel (eat, drink and follow Andrew's lead!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Brooklyn, Paris, Cleveland?

Today I went to see my Mum down in my 'hometown' of Cleveland.

Situated 45mins east of Brisbane by the bay (Moreton Bay) the Redland Shire used to be a sleepy farming district but alas has blossomed over the last 20yrs into a thriving mini-metropolitis! I still feel the charm, but it has certainly been lessened somewhat with the mushrooming housing developments on the subdivided farming land. Each visit, I find more land being consumed by developments and it does break my heart alittle. Bring back rural living or at least larger home blocks with a less monotonously-rendered appeal!

Anyway, off my anti-development soap box!

My visit today took me back to other years, where about the same time I would be enjoying the delights of christmas shared with my parents and grandma. The days when I lived at home and toiled long and hard over handmade christmas cards and gifts! The days when my wonderful grandma was still alive and joyful, and sitting with me watching King's Choir on Christmas Eve. Glorious memories!

My grandma two years ago, at her home for one day only, and a special day that was.

Each year out of home reminds me how I have slipped more into laziness with store-bought cards and gifts and seemingly the joy of christmas diminishes just a tad each year too. Now this is quite an admission for me, as I LOVE Christmas! I adore the decorating, the gift giving, the carolling, the midnight church services, the visiting of friends and celebrations with family. But to be honest, I think the older I get the more I wish I was younger for Christmas sake! It also makes me wonder if children bring out this joy again at Christmas time. What a delight!

Anyway, off my self-indulgent soap box.

On a merrier note, I took great delight today in other aspects of getting older - observing and aiding your parents adopting new technology! Notably my mum and the woes of the computer age! I am apparently a computer wiz according to my mum's high IT standards and so I am called in to explain all manner of error messages and broken internet connection problems. Today was no exception! Mum was confused about a 'drive error' (and I have to admit, so was I) that appeared as she failed to connect to the internet. Donning my IT whiz-kid robes I strode into the room and looked quizically at the screen in a most thoughtful IT-superior manner- then I did the failsafe routine of checking all buttons and then if all else fails hitting the computer. Thankfully, I was able to avert stage 2 violence when I realised Mum had not actually turned on the vital link with the internet - the modem! With a flourish of satin robes I departed. Another disaster curtailed by IT girl!

Later that day I had another chuckle - this time at the strangest children's name I could possibly imagine hearing - and in Australia, nay, the Redlands! Now, I'm quite au-fait with the latest celebrity trends of naming your children after the city in which they were conceived...case in point: Victoria Beckham and her son Brooklyn. Au-fait, if not bemused! So strike-me-down speechless if I didn't hear a woman calling her child "Cleveland" at Victoria Point today! Cleveland?!! What next?! Ormiston for his sister?! Oh that gave me a good chuckle!

So Merry Christmas one and all! I hope you have a little child inside you that takes great delight still in celebrating Christ's birth. If not, I hope you enjoy it through your own children or other's or in whatever way you can! (I find a good verse or two of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" works wonders for me ;-)....

Jingle-all-the-way Jen xx

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blue will just not do, warm-white is the winner!

Ah tis (nearly) Christmas!

Ah tis a bad girl who has been buying christmas lights instead of blogging.....

but they are so pretty (sigh), especially when you can make them do different flashy things (so sayeth the three yr old child that I've regressed to).

The other night I made a desperate search of Big W to find another set of these gorgeous star -shaped fairy lights which hang in our doorway. These lights which see me sit mesmerised on the sofa just staring at them with a silly grin on my face repeating to Andrew "aw they're soo pretty!". He turns his head fractionally and "mmm's" at me. Why I am surrounded by such an unappreciative audience! And alas, the search proved fruitless. Big W has sold out of the warm-white star lights! (I made the poor sales assistant ring half of QLD just to be sure).

Blue will just not do! And multicoloured?! Well christmas light etiquette you do fall behind in, for they are only for the christmas tree ofcourse!

Now onto the tree......time to deck the halls and tinsel-trim the tree....