Saturday, April 25, 2009


- I did indeed love (every) a piece of it!

However, it is abit of a relief to be back home, not only to be back at Blogger HQ and to sleep on my own firm mattress but also to see my husband ;-)

I have had a great time in Melbourne, Knoxfield to be precise, learning about a particular group of bacteria (Xanthomonads for those of you playing at home) from a world renowned 'expert'. Moreover, I've enjoyed the welcome cool temperatures and lack of humidity in Victoria - sweet relief!! However, two weeks is abit too long to be with one group of people, in a hotel without consistent internet (Oh the woes!) and punishing my back with a terribly soft sunken-mattress each night.

Top 5 Melbourne highlights:

1) The weekend spent with my husband in Melbourne!

- catching a comedy act as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival (we wanted to see Danny Boy or the guy Amos but ended up with Reginald D. Hunter instead)

- eating my way around the arcades and hidden laneways of Melbourne aka: Cafe heaven! ( I recommend Koko Black chocolates and "Little cupcakes" cafe's highly!!)

- spending time with Andrew's friend and Melbournite- Kerryn, who once again showed us some hidden gems! i.e roof-top restaurants and cosy art-deco inspired bars with terrific views over the Yarra.

2) Cold weather and NO HUMIDITY!

- although a downside here is the necessity for moisturizer! Not having a facial regime of any sort (see previous posts about horrified beauticians who have had to deal with my ravaged facial waste-land) I realised with pimple-ridden shock, the need to keep up moisturer on a twice-daily basis.

3) Catering

- an unexpected perk of the course! We were provided with sumptuous morning and afternoon teas along with lunch!! My food baby is now in his 7 month and growing well....

4) Autumn leaves!

- the joy of actually getting distinct seasons! Glorious red-leaves on chestnut trees and the the vines in the vineyards were also changing colour....which leads me onto...

4a) Yarra valley!

- hmm we may have had a daytrip as part of 'work'.....what stunning countryside! (wine tasting? ofcourse not!;-)

5) Meeting great people

- in particular one girl, Rachael, whom I really had a blast with on the course - and who plays a mean air-guitar rendition of "Pathogen City" (sad sad scientist nerds that we are)...

and the pictorial highlights in no particular order:

My partner in crime, and much hilarity - Rachael - looking sterotypically 'scientific'

Trying to stifle a laugh as I pose 'thoughtfully' as we inspect our diseased plants on the course. The 'expert' (inverted commas!) lecturer flown from US is at the front.

The great 'Birds of Prey' show at Healesville Sanctuary
(visted as part of a 'sample collection' trip).

The raptor here could break the egg using a small stone in his beak! First hit! This isn't a learned behaviour ie. trick - it's genetic! Amazing.

The stunning countryside of the Yarra Valley
(taken from a vineyard as part of the same 'sample collection' trip)

The view from a great bar in Federation Square overlooking the Yarra

and the view from the other end of the bar looking back towards the city!

I not only felt but saw the signs of autumn all around! Beautiful!

Two loved up types in the botanical gardens....


Niti said...

great update Jen! Andrew looks like he is doing a sit up in one of the photos :-)

Kimmie said...

Ohhh...I love botanical gardens! Whenever we have had a chance to visit has been such a wonderful blessing ...something so peace-filled about trees, flowers and things that grow. My heart just sings at even the thought of reading tree labels (hee hee).

thanks for sharing your trip...

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted