Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day...

a day to have fun (run):

(He came 118th out of ~1, 890....beep beep - yeah!)

a day to see mum (in-law):

and a day in the sun (and surf):


Kimmie said...

So nice to meet you!!

Thank you SO MUCh for the beautiful donation towards our adoption!!! What a generous gift you gave us. We so appreciate you joining us in this is so far beyond us financially (well, honestly it always has been...even way back at adoption #1 which was over 14 years ago!)

I pray God brings you the desires of your heart. If you'd like for me to pray something specific for you...drop me a note.

Hope we can become friends...

May God bless your heart in ways you never even imagined.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

*expecting again...from Ethiopia!

Saminda said...

Hey sweet girl,
I'm using Stu's work computer and don't have my email contacts list here so couldn't email you..... then thought of leaving you a comment on your (highly neglected, er-herm) blog!!
Just wanted to say hi. And... when has your writing ever been legible? ;)
I'd love a letter. And I'll so definitely write you one in return. :) I've been thinking about you alot this past week. And praying. And thinking how nice it would be to see you again someday :) Hope you're having a splendid Sunday!! xoxoxoxo Min.