Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bake off!

Something's going on this week and I'm as confused as my poor dishpan-hands-husband as to how it started!

Sunday - exhausted from the remainder of the cold that is still hanging on for grim death - I decided to bake. And I haven't stopped since!

I remember a friend of mine, Min, once mentioned the 'nesting' feeling expectant mothers experience close to the time of delivery. If that's the case, then I have a food baby that's about to be delivered!!

So the menu this week:

Sunday - melting moments
(for work morning tea - the stakes have been upped in the snack department with the arrival of our new entomologist who buys something for us all to share each week. Well two can play that game sonny!)

Monday - macaroons
(in-laws dropping round may have been a prompt - look how well I look after your son! Every day is baking day here! etc.)

Tuesday - chicken casserole and tropical dessert
(Niti came round for dinner so I love a chance to try new recipes)

Wednesday - break!
(Hey, it was Farmer Wants a Wife!)

Thursday - orange and poppyseed cake
(for bible study group)

Friday etc.....Enough is enough! I think I've reached my peak for one week!

p.s. I'm not hormonal either, my only explanation is the weather. Perhaps it's the flo(ur)ers! :-P


Saminda said...

Hey there you,
WOohoo!! Hooray for baking. :) Warm homey smells eminating from the kitchen, biting into something hot and yummy, fresh from the oven......
Thanks for your blog comment. :) It's nice to know I have friends around me. I'm struggling so much. Here we are in Caloundra, I'm missing my husband so much it hurts.... and according to facebook he's having a the time of his life..... so we're does that leave me? ANyway, I SO shouldn't be typing all this on here; hopefully no-one who knows us is reading this....
Um.... the kids and I might just come back to Brisbane on Sunday (if Stu doesn't beg me to come home) so would it be ok if we got together? I would love to see you!

jazzy cat said...

Min!xxoo Oh girl I feel for you big time!!

I have been thinking so much about you and the family, since I read that post on your blog. I am just so sorry to hear that things haven't picked up since you posted that you guys were on-track and talking.

I did see a status update on Facebook from Stu saying he is missing his family?

Anyway - I'd love to see you too!

Praying about you tonight and thinking of you lots at present!

btw - Bible Study topic tonight was Moses - but one question sticks in my mind to share with you. "What experiences and training has God given you that could be used in the future for furthering his purposes"..