Friday, March 27, 2009

Sing low, Sweet Shuffler...

The other day, at Bible Study....

There was talk of a non-biblical nature about the songs of our generation. A member of the group was playing the piano for a church event and was bemoaning the repetoire to be sung. Which then beggered the question -

"When we're all old (in nursing homes)- what songs would we sit around and have a 'sing-along' too?"

That question came to mind the other (other) day as I listened to the radio while driving home from work and concurrently taking my blood pressure measurements for the third time, to dissuade myself of the notion that blood could physically boil! Oh yes, you'd be surprised by the things I carry in that home/garbage facility-on-wheels!

I imagined a nursing home with the chintz recliners all arranged in a semi-circle around the piano in anticipation for a night of reminiscing. An arthritically-affected, folically-challenged old man leaning precariously over the piano keys then begins manically pelting away in-time to a JT classic of our youth! The cracked voices from the recliners all raise in choral carcaphony to the strains of,"I'll make you believe in love and sex and magic"....ah sweet innocent days of yesteryear!

My goodness, all the songs I hear nowadays (you know you're getting old when you use a term like nowadays) I don't believe could even be played on a piano! Aghast I thought - we've sunk the sing-along! Banished by the gen-X'ers and the synthetic computer gen-Aters!

Would we have our own X-gen sing-along game instead perhaps?

The scene then shifted to our nursing home's open-plan, semi-partitioned living space. Twenty to thirty year old looking lads and ladettes with arthritically -affected hands laze on swedishly-designed and chinese-made imported bean bags, around the "NewGen Shuffleupagus 7000". All jostle to be first to sing along to the randomly-shuffled selection of greatest hits from the 01's - on voice-activated, camera-captured, siren-simulated and fast-tracked direct from the US - karoke. The sing-along of our generation - everyone's a sing-star - Karoke!

Alternatively, with our disdain for social interaction inbred since Facebook, we would twitter our current bed-ridden status for the 50th time that day to our fellow twits. To accomodate our bed-ridden state we would therefore not even have to leave the comfort of our automated existences. Instead, programming a virtual sing-along experience in a social-networking cyber sense, as we downloaded an 'app' on our lap to 'Rate our Sing-Stardomness'!

Ah for those melodic strains's a long way to Tipp-er-ary, it's a long way to go.....

sent from an i-dont-phone

(by a Facebook obsessed, computer addict :-P )


Saminda said...

Oh my, Jen- what a post. :( So so so sad but SO true!!!
I often wonder what our generation (not to mention the younger ones) will even BE like when we're old!! So hard to imagine. It saddens me that the classic image of grandparents is probably going to go down the tube. You know,the homemaking, gardening, baking, apron-wearing Grandma and the out-in-the-shed, pottering, storytelling Grandpa? WOw. Very thought-provoking indeed.
And it's not fair that the internet is so addictive! I know we struggle with that in our home too. It connects people sure, but we're then oblivious to those in the very same room as us!! Hmmm. I really wonder sometimes if we'd be better off without it. :( Of course, that would mean no blogging......

jazzy cat said...

Hahaha I actually didn't intend this to be too throught provoking but yes it does lead you to think what we'll be like.
Too true - I do tend to ignore Andrew when I'm on the internet...but he's used to the 'other man' in my life who brings me nothing but joy ;-)