Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's recap... December

We had a christmas party - and it was good fun to see everyone and share a bit of christmas spirit!

"We" won the office christmas decorating competition (Vanessa my boss did all the work)! Our theme: Calvin and Hobbes inspired (ofcourse) "The Twelve Treatments of Christmas". The 'treatments' related to AQIS approved means of eradicating diseased or pest ridden items that we gamma irradiation (see example below), Methyl Bromide fumigation for insects, Heat Treatment etc...

I had great fun decorating the house and tree for week to put up, one hour to pull down :-)

Our respective families had a joint christmas at my parents place.

A Delightful December full of sharing and rejoicing..

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Saminda said...

Sounds like a lovely December... it truly is the best month, I think! I LOVE your work's "Twelve Treatments of Christmas"- what an awesome idea!!
On with January now...... (can you believe it's February already???)..